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Specializing in politics, public policy, crisis management, and public affairs, our team provides data-driven insights, surveying solutions, an AI-powered predictive tool, and consulting services to answer your most critical and time-sensitive concerns.

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Our proprietary methodology is grounded in the wisdom of the crowd, with a spotlight on segmentation that highlights high-intention voters.

Polling & Surveys

We design, execute, and analyze polling surveys and research surveys to offer data-driven and easy-to-understand insights that empower strategic and informed decision-making.


With proven campaign experience, our team advises on messaging, communications, and political segmentation based on real-time data and elaborate segmentation.

AI-Powered Political Predictive Engine

Our first-of-its-kind predictive and interactive tool allows you to adjust variable inputs to forecast polling outputs with precision. By leveraging an ever growing dataset, the machine learning dashboard improves with each application.

The Direct Polls Difference

When implementing research, we use survey design and our world-class interdisciplinary experience to reach the seemingly hard-to-reach populations to provide the full picture at a fast pace for immediate results.

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The Trusted Consulting and Survey Provider for:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Secretary of Treasury/Former Deputy Prime Minister Bezalel Smotrich, Benny Gantz, and Aryeh Deri

Who We’ve Helped

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Background: Sampling the Orthodox Jewish community in Israel comes with its fair share of hurdles (i.e. no Internet use, no smartphones, etc). 

Methodology: Through experience, Direct Polls has developed a quantitative and qualitative way to sample this influential cohort. Through demographic and geographic segmentation mapping, we’ve broken down sub-sectors and identified complexities within the Ultra-Orthodox society and their respective neighborhoods throughout the country. 

Results: Given this ability to identify patterns of behavioral, political, and social depth processes, Direct Polls has the capacity to forecast and understand this highly influential population with immense accuracy. As a result, we’ve serviced the Israeli government and one of Israel’s largest hospitals on different projects concerning this community’s deeply rooted social processes.

Who We Are



Direct Polls is a global strategy and research company that provides real-time data, insights, and strategy with unparalleled accuracy and speed. Co-Founders Shlomo Filber and Tzuriel Sharon created the company after implementing a novel sampling methodology that correctly predicted the results of Israel’s neck-and-neck prime minister election in 2015. 

Since then, our approach improves with each passing day to serve campaign managers, businesses, and politicians to help accomplish their most desirable outcomes.

Shlomo (Momo) Filber

Research and Development Director

Filber brings a wealth of experience to his current role as a research and polling expert, having previously served as office manager for Benjamin Netanyahu, a senior manager at Israeli companies, and a consultant to several mayors, including those in Tel Aviv-Jaffa. He has held primary roles in the Likud party’s campaigns and led the 2015 national elections, culminating in his appointment as the Director-General of the Ministry of Communications in the same year. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Filber is well-equipped to provide valuable insights to both public and private sector clients.

Tzuriel Sharon

Campaigner, Business Development Director

As a leading municipal election campaigns manager for several major cities and local authorities in Israel, Sharon has a deep understanding of political multimedia communications and a proven track record of success. He served as the cellular content manager for the Likud party in 2015 and has produced viral videos for leading political figures. He is a respected public speaker and educator, frequently sharing his knowledge and expertise on campaign communications across a range of notable media outlets.

Lotan Magal


Magal brings a robust repertoire to her role with experience working as Chief of Projects at ‘Kayma’ company, alongside Professor Dan Ariely. Prior to this position, Magal served as the Spokesperson for the Chairman of the Kulanu party caucus, an officer in the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, and has worked in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office in Intelligence. In these roles, she further honed her skills in media relations and communications and demonstrated her ability to handle sensitive information in high-pressure environments. She holds a B.A. in International Relations and East Asia Studies from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Noam Keshet

Data & Analytics Director

Keshet is an accomplished professional with a strong background in research, methodology, statistics, and data analytics. His career has spanned teaching in prestigious Israeli universities, as well as working in research institutions and organizations like NITE and Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute. He has been published in notable outlets, and most recently, he led multiple projects in the field of behavioral economics at Kayma Labs, alongside Professor Dan Ariely. Keshet holds a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Social Psychology from the Open University of Israel. Currently, he is finalizing his Ph.D. at the Hebrew University Business School. Keshet is also a Senior Psychologist in the IDF (reserves). 

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